1993 – Besteigung der Svolvaer-Geita

In Svolvær, an important place for cod fishing on the Lofoten archipelago, the season was just over. It was on April 14, 1993 and the harbor waters were stinkin‘ from the leftovers. I stood outside the boat on the shore, where fishermen had just quit the place making accomodation on ships for a night’s stay available and cheap. But arriving in the early afternoon with the MS Nordstjernen, I took my backpack and climbed the hill near the cemetery to check out how far I could get, or rather how close to that famous Svolværgeita.

1993 – just after the incident

Losing touch and almost falling at some point, I got hold on a rock on the otherwise slippery and wet ground. Catching my breath I realized how lucky I was. And how stupid. No rope, no equipment, no experience at all in climbing. Pulling out my kettle, I prepared a tea to calm down and to figure how to get back. It was in fact so steep that I knew I had to take another return route if I wanted to get down there alive. As you see, I somehow made it back safely, but the one thing I will never forget is the spectacular sight from just above the „Goat“ across the city of Svolvær. Enjoy!